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An archived collection of links and documents related to Oracle and Perl.

BIN Computing

The Perl motto is, "There's More Than One Way To Do It". A corollary is, "There is the Slow-and-Easy Way, and the Fast-and-Hard Way". For technical work, BIN Computing favors the Fast-and-Hard Way, because if you're doing it more than once, the fast part more than offsets the hard part.

A Unix Perspective on Oracle Archive Redo Log Files
SysAdmin Magazine Feature Article, July 2005 issue

Logical Standby Database for Reporting
Northern California Oracle User Group (NoCOUG) presentation, November 2005 (PowerPoint slides)
(click here to open a new window for web page version exported from PowerPoint)

Pull Is Easier, Push Is Better - Part 1:
Copying an Oracle software installation under Linux/Unix

Perl Script: Find or Replace String Expression in Sub-Directory Tree

Disaster Recovery Plan Analysis
This is something first put together many years ago, which has stood the test of time.

Pull Is Easier, Push Is Better - Part 2
Managing a distributed Oracle and Linux/Unix environment with Rsync, CVS, and Perl


Configuring ASM on Windows 2K
Configuring Oracle10g Automatic Storage Management
Single Node Installation on Windows 2000

System Administration Best Practices
For DBA's too!

Dizwell Informatics
Lots of good information on Oracle and Linux

More good Oracle and Linux stuff

Northern California Oracle Users Group

The Oracle Users' Co-Operative FAQ

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